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Formalwear Rentals

Whether you have a wedding, prom, or even interview, we have you covered. 


Our formalwear specialists are equipped to present you with many options that will fit any occasion.

What is Jim's?

Jim's Formalwear is the nation's largest provider of tuxes and suits nationwide. With a variety of the newest and most stylish pieces, Jim's is our number 1 choice for top-of-the-line rentals.

Jims has a selection of purchase options as well as rentals. 

Visit their website for more:

Jim's Formalwear is a great resource for professional measurements with over 5,000 locations nationwide. Take a look at their website to find one near you.

for your Event

When it comes to formal events, we understand that quality is key.

The key to a quality fit, however, starts with the measurements. 

Our store accepts outside measurements however, we highly recommend having measurements taken by trained professionals. If you or a member of your party is unable to be measured professionally, we recommend you follow the step-by-step instructions shown in the link below:

Don't Forget!

You can purchase for your wedding as well as rent!

What does a tux rental include?


A full-price tux rental includes everything you need; coat, pants, shirt, vest, tie, and shoes.

How much does a tux rental cost?

Our rental prices start at $125.00 and cap out at $185.00 for our fanciest duds. Adding Jim's rental shoes is an additional $35.00

What measurements do we need?

When we take measurements in store, our staff looks for the measurements listed below.

Measurement Card_edited.png

PLEASE NOTE: exact Height and Weight are EXTREMELY important components to ensure accurate measurements

Why Choose Kaufman's?

With a lot of rental options available to you, what makes Kaufman's stand above the rest?

Attention to detail:  Our staff has been trained to take stock in even the smallest details to help you look and feel your best, as little as a half-inch could be all the difference between a good fit and a great fit.

Customer Service: Kaufman's takes pride in providing excellent customer service and our staff is prepared to go above and beyond to suit your requirements.

Knowledge: For 65 years, Kaufman's Formal Wear Department has been providing Great Falls and surrounding areas with superior quality and service. With time comes accumulated knowledge that has been passed from employee to employee in order to better understand what needs to be done to achieve that perfect fit. While dressing up has become something of a rare occurrence, the knowledge as to how certain items need to be worn has been lost to the ages. Luckily, Kaufman's has been able to hold on to those little bits of information to share with you, so not only do you walk out sharply dressed, but well-informed. 

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