Ask anyone in Great Falls, or the surrounding area, if you want to know the history of the town or its people, Ike Kaufman is the resident historian.

Born in 1935, Ike has seen floods, fires and the continuous changes in  the community.  He graduated from the University of Montana, and joined Kaufmans Menswear Centre in 1957, and went on to become the company's president in 1962.  He has served on numerous boards in the community and was a tri-founder of Leadership Great Falls.  In 1996 Kaufmans received the Montana Family Business of the Year. He is currently a member of the Uptown Optimist, a fundraising organization for the betterment of the community's youth.

Aside from being pillar in the community, Ike Kaufman is the heart of Kaufman's commitment to excellent customer service; building relationships with our customers and making lifelong friends.

If you want to hear Ike talk about the history of Great Falls in person, he is often called as a guest speaker for various organizations around town, and assists with a public walking tour once a year in the spring.


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