Kaufman's has served Great Falls since its Grand Opening in 1895 with it's original president, Mose Kaufman, at its original location of 218 Central Avenue. Our Current location of 411 Central Avenue is our 9th location, as the store has moved up and down central since 1907. Through Four Generations, the Kaufman's legacy has stood as a cornerstone in Great Falls. Our Current President, Brian Kaufman, joined the team in 1994 beside his father, Ike Kaufman, to bring his expertise and knowledge to you. 

Meet Our Team

Ike Kaufman

Our most Senior Member with over 65 years of experience at Kaufmans Menswear, Ike is a plethora of knowledge ranging from menswear to history and architecture.

Brian Kaufman

Our current president. Brian is always up for helping anyone and everyone who has questions about anything related to menswear and more.


Van Hauen

Our office manager Kory has been with the company since 2001. She works in sales, Formal Wear, and ensures our customers are well taken care of.


"Wow, what tremendous personalized service! Best menswear this side of the Mississippi. If you are looking for great service and really nice, well-made clothes without a huge price tag, this is the place for you!"

-Jacquie Burchard



Store Hours: Mon-Fri  9:30a - 5:30p

                               Sat  9:30a - 5:00p

                               Sun  CLOSED

If you need our services before or after these hours please call the store and we can accommodate you. 

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